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Outpatient Bird Clinic

In our outpatient and inpatient clinics for birds, ornamental birds, birds of prey, pigeons and wild birds, as well as thoroughbred poultry and birds from wildlife parks and zoos are professionally examined and treated by our team. Depending on your needs, we can offer you outpatient or inpatient care.

The examination and treatment of birds is carried out at our clinic and is based on established techniques and in accordance with the latest scientific findings using the most advanced medical technology.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you the following range of services:

  • Bird-specific clinical examination
  • X-ray and X-ray contrast examination
  • Endoscopy
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Bone and soft tissue surgery
  • Blood counts (haematology) and blood chemistry
  • Diagnosis of infections and poisoning
  • Emergency diagnosis and therapy
  • Husbandry and behaviour advice, including feeding advice
  • Inventory advice and care in respect of ornamental, zoo and bird of prey husbandry
  • Purchase and follow-up examinations

Veterinary focus areas, in which our clinic is a leader, include

  • Clinical ophthalmology
  • Advice on light and technical lighting questions in respect of the species-related and humane keeping of ornamental and commercial poultry
  • Diagnosis of infections with avian bornaviruses (proventricular dilatation disease)

Our diagnostic tests for birds

Our clinic stands for the care of zoo and wild birds in close contact with national and international organisations (zoos, reintroduction organisations, reintroduction projects) which take over the care, support and reintroduction of birds after successful medical treatment.

Information on our surgery hours, inpatient admissions as well as the costs incurred

Veterinary Emergency Service:

For birds which suddenly fall ill and emergencies, we are available outside normal consulting hours on the following phone number:

  • Birds emergency number: +49 162 256 86 42

Further information on the emergency service